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Engineering - Design - System Integration


Transaction Manager provides industrial transactions by linking your plant control systems to enterprise systems. A true end-to-end link is established that provides the level of reliability required to support enterprise-wide integration.


Versa Tech provides the design, programming, installation and commissioning of FactoryTalk Transaction Manager Software to provide bi-directional data transfer from your business databases to your plant floor equipment PLCs.

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager can perform

  • Automatic data Logging moving large amounts of data quickly

  • Control the plant floor using business rules and quality rules

  • Manage Recipes


FactoryTalk Transaction Manager manages manufacturing processes by integrating the data in factory or plant control systems with enterprise applications.

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager has options to connect to various enterprise systems, including enterprise connectors for ODBC-compliant databases and native drivers for Microsoft® SQL Server and Oracle® database.


FactoryTalk Transaction Manager can connect to COM+ applications on your Windows server. Almost any Visual Basic or C/C++ application can be connected to FactoryTalk Transaction Manager via COM+.

To connect to plant-floor systems, FactoryTalk Transaction Manager has the ability to connect to FactoryTalk production and performance suite of components that dramatically simplify data production, movement, and use.


With this FactoryTalk connection in Transaction Manager, you can use one interface to connect to third-party OPC, Rockwell Automation OPC servers, or FactoryTalk Live Data servers such as FactoryTalk View Site Edition or RSLinx Enterprise.

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