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Engineering - Design - System Integration


Future-state Operations Analysis

VTA provides the engineering service of Time and Motion  Studies


Future-state operations are analyzed using the Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST®). VTA is certified MOST engineering.

Current-state operations are analyzed through the efficient and verifiable use of video tools.

The VTA Time and Motion Studies results and benefits:

  • Determine accurate manufacturing costs


  • Improve or validate productivity standards

  • Identify non-value added activities and eliminate waste


  • Improve planning, scheduling and throughput


  • Support LEAN and Kaizen initiatives


  • Support Line Balancing initiatives

Current-state Operations Analysis

Timer Pro.jpg

LEAN Analysis and Initiatives


Through our LEAN Analysis and Initiatives VTA supports our clients in developing and continuing to expand their LEAN Process Improvements. The VTA LEAN Analysis and       


Initiatives results and benefits:


  • Identify activities that create value

  • Define the Value Stream

  • Reduce lead/cycle time

  • Decrease work-in process

  • Reduce cost

  • Improve quality

  • Reduce floor space

  • Establish Takt time and implement “Pull” in the system

  • Assist in establishing a continuing improvement mindset

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