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Engineering - Design - System Integration


Versa Tech designs, builds and commissions custom industrial conveyor systems. Power and Free Conveyor Systems for final assembly and testing lines. CDLR, Chain and belt conveyors. Servo drive indexing buffer conveyors. Servo drive asynchronous drive conveyors.

V12006 conveyor 1.jpg
V12006 conveyor2.jpg
allevard 12006 Overall Line Layout.jpg

Automotive Component Assembly Line


The Assembly Line includes individual assembly stations and a Power & Free Conveyor System for final assembly and testing. The overall floor plan layout has all operators on the same side of the conveyor line. Also all assembly operator stations are arranged to accommodate LEAN variable production through-put with fewer operators.


Power & Free Conveyor System is a Bosch, dual belt, TSplus system.


The system includes:

  • Dual Belt conveyor nominal speed 18M per minute

  • Conveyor framework extruded aluminum

  • Pallets are 240mm wide x 320mm long with special tooling nest fixture

  • Station Stop Gates to accumulate pallets prior to Assembly Station Stop for quick index of a pallet into a Assembly Station

  • Station Stop-and-Lift at each Automatic Station

  • Transfer Stations transfer pallets to one of (3) Leak Testers

  • Transfer Station transfer pallets if required to Reject Conveyor Spur for manual inspection

  • Pallet RFID tags – each pallet has read/write tag for historical track & trace of each serialized assembly

CDLR & Incline Belt

Chemical Process Plant Incoming Material Preparation System

  • Fork Trucks load bulk bales onto CDLR conveyor.

  • CDLR Lift & Rotate station orients bales for correct orientation to Incline belt conveyor

  • Transfer Station at top of Incline Belt delivers bales to (2) extruders

  • Bales are pulverized by the extruder

  • The extruded material is deposited in totes

  • Totes are weigh checked and transported on Power & Free conveyor to the process tanks. 

MEDLINE CONVYOR 20180521_114200.jpg

Transfer Station

Medline photo6.jpg
medline conveyor 2.jpg
Medline Conveyor.jpg

Power Free Tote Conveyor


Assembly & Paint Line Conveyor System

Assembly & Paint Line Conveyor System for truck axle assembly; 49” x 96” long 4000 LBS.

CDLR conveyor with lift and rotate stations. This lift and rotate will be air-motor driven to allow 360 degrees of rotation.

The Assembly station include Jib Crane, Air Balance and Torque Inhibitor Arm to provide the counter balance and reaction torque of the tool. The Torque Control System provides the control and historical data collection for the torque setting of each bolt.

V11017 GE IMG_2079.jpg

Indexing Buffer Conveyor

Provides buffer between two process areas allowing time for cooling or curing between operations. Nests are available in various designs. Bucket nests are shown in pictures. The buckets provide a controlled cooling or annealing between processes.

  • The drive system is servo drive indexer. The chain does not run continuous but indexes synchronously with preceding and post robot transfers.

  • The conveyor chain travels in a horizontal plane through robot transfer stations for ease of loading and unloading. Nests always maintain horizontal attitude during vertical chain travel.

  • The bucket lids are opened and closed by the servo drive through cam driven actuators in stations where the bucket conveyor chain is horizontal. The buckets will be opened and closed in stations before and after the load and unload stations

  • A ladder and maintenance platform is provided for access to the top sprockets.

  • Conveyor system construction is 14 ft wide x 3.5 ft deep x 12 ft high.

  • The chain is ANSI #100 roller chain with 1.25” pitch providing for 210 total nests

  • Guarding is expanded metal in extruded aluminum frames. Safety interlocked access doors are provided at the load and unload stations.

Modulating Buffer Conveyor

Provides buffer between process areas which operate at asynchronous time cycles.

The drive chain has nest for small product mounted in-line with the chain. Nests are available in various designs.

The drive system are two servo driven indexers at each end of the chain.


There are four (4) intermediate sprockets groups. Two (2) sprocket groups are mounted stationary and (2) sprocket groups are mounted to slider plate. As the  

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