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Engineering - Design - System Integration


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Improve and simplify the dissemination of operational information

Centralized control of software both OS and Applications


Rapid replacement of Thin Clients without IT configuration required

Provide the required software application to the specific Users at the different Locations


Deliver ALL INFORMATION to the same terminal


  • HMI Screens for Operator


  • Component drawings of maintenance


  • Control schematics for the electrician


  • PLC program for the engineer



Versa Tech provides the design, programming, installation and commissioning of Rockwell FactoryTalk ThinManager Software to provide centralized, secure configuration and management of multiple data sources, user access rights, and mobile device deployment.

ThinManager provides secure, centralized configuration and deployment of applications and content to every PC, thin client, mobile device and user.

ThinManager provides centralized configuration of end-user terminals and the centralized delivery of the content to the all terminals.


ThinManager does not store date on end-user devices. Eliminate the time consuming work of PC centric installations that require individually updating each plant terminal, OS, applications, replacing hard drives and updating user account management.

ThinManager allows delivery of applications and resources from various sources such as Remote Desktop Servers (terminal servers), IP and USB cameras, VMWare, Hyper-V and Citrix servers to each end-user device.

ThinManager creates unique sessions for each individual user to access centralized only their authorized applications. ThinManager easily manages these sessions allowing end users to have access to multiple applications through a single terminal. ThinManager can deliver everything the user needs through a single thin client terminal.

ThinManager Relevance feature enhances the management of every device. Applications and information can be delivered based on the user’s location. This provides the option to have information automatically become available on mobile devices upon entering a defined location or scanning a location ID. Upon leaving the area, the information will be removed from the screen or hidden unless accessed by an authorized user.

Relevance allow programs to follow users throughout the entire plant. Even if content is already assigned to the terminal, Relevance User Services can deliver additional content, on the fly, based on the user’s role. Terminal access and content can also be assigned at a group level.

ThinManager provides a client app for iOS and Android devices allowing them to operate as thin client devices. Thin Manager delivers existing content to mobile devices. Use your HMIs and other applications on the move without writing any code.

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