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Engineering - Design - System Integration


Analyze your plans in virtual reality


Simulate before new investments or modification of facilities, equipment, processes or production.


Versa Tech provides virtual operational solutions and answer ‘what-if’ scenarios to produce the most cost effective investment solution. An entire year of production can be simulated in minutes allowing the best decisions of the layouts, equipment investments and personnel requirements.

Versa Tech provides Simulation with Rockwell Automation Arena Software application.

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Simulation Overall 1.jpg

Simulation software application provides a method of modeling a process through a set of algorithms. It allows observation of an operation through software simulation without the actual investment in the plant or physical equipment.

Simulation provides:

  • Evaluation of potential alternatives to determine the optimum performance

  • Determine the system performance based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Reduce risks of capital and resource expenditures through software testing

  • Evaluation of proposed process changes

  • Visualize Results with Animation

WVM BLDG 125 Bird's Eye.png

Analysis, Simulation & Master Planning


Project to develop the Master Plan to convert an existing vacant building into a standalone manufacturing factory for an existing product currently manufactured in several buildings at the same site.

Develop a facility floor plan layout for (100) production Work Cells to produce (200) SKUs.

Process and Equipment Analysis and Simulation

  • Equipment utilization

  • Man-power requirements

  • Process Time Studies

  • Material movement and maintenance

  • Security requirements

  • Detailed quality assessment requirements

Evaluate the Existing and New Equipment for all processes required to include:

  • Receiving

  • Machining

  • Finishing processes

  • Assembly processes

  • QC testing

  • Packing and Boxing

  • Material staging areas

  • Area for consumables

  • Area for lubricants

  • Work in progress (WIP)

  • Product build up areas

  • Process QC areas

  • Expediting areas

  • Office space requirements

  • Break room

  • Bath rooms

  • Aisles for both AGVs and pedestrians

Exterior photo from ANAD publication.jpg

Powertrain Transmission Facility


Project to design a new facility to develop a floor plan to provide LEAN process and equipment design and specification for a construction solicitation for an 110,000 square foot, $46MM integrated facility for the manufacture of tracked vehicle transmissions and related assets.

Analysis of legacy Shop Operating Procedures and Video Time Studies created the data for the Simulation.


Processes include;  receiving, cleaning, painting, machine shop, welding, test/measurement, parts storage, transmission assembly, dynamometer testing, containerization, shipping and an IT inventory control system for over 22,000 SKUs.

The Simulation Models produced a dynamic, virtual replica of the process and   operations.


The VTA Simulation Models results and benefits:

  • Existing operation analysis

  • Future state modeling

  • Dynamic calculation of resource efficiency

  • Identify inefficient operations

  • Dynamic calculation of asset utilization

  • Identify bottlenecks

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Product mix analysis

  • Reduce travel time of product and people

  • Kanban Sizing

  • Scenario and response “What-if” analysis

  • Optimized factory layout

  • 2D and 3D Virtual Presentations

  • Increase ROI on process improvement or capitalization spending

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