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Manufacturing Execution System


SCALABLE approach to MES

Rockwell FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES is a solution that reduces the initial cost of investment by providing a scalable application which can be incrementally implemented.

Versa Tech provides Software Implementation for the Manufacturing Operation Level with FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES software application.


FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES is a system to manage and monitor work-in-process and track all manufacturing information in real time. A MES system will improve OEE factors of Availability, Performance and Quality.

FactoryTalk Production Centre MES is comprised of multiple applications modules.

FactoryTalk Production Application – Manages the product Build Plans; Tracks & Trace material and consumption. Provides end-to-end production management. Includes:

  • Process Parameter Management

  • Order Planning & Execution

  • Process Sequence Enforcement

  • Route Enforcement

  • Electronic Batch Record

  • Manages Specification Changes

  • Generates Work Instructions

  • ERP Connectivity

FactoryTalk Quality Application – is an Event Driven Quality Management System. Includes:

  • Quality Recipe Enforcement

  • Automated Display Configuration

  • In-Process Quality Sampling

  • Sample Plan Triggering

  • Workflow Enforcement

  • Schedule Notifications

  • Out-of-Spec Escalation Requirements

  • Quality Dashboards

FactoryTalk Performance Application – Provides visibility to OEE and equipment performance.

  • OEE

  • Data Collection Configuration

  • Machine Event Tracking

  • Downtime Data Collection

  • MTBF & MTTR Tracking

  • Dashboards & Reports

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