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New Installations - Versa Tech provides development for the entire facility based on the Enterprise IOT System Physical Infrastructure of the ISA-95 model. Versa Tech designs are based on the Cisco / Rockwell Automation and Panduit design guides.


Existing Installations - Versa Tech provides deployment of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) networks within the Cell/Area zone which is a major building block of the CPwE architecture. This is the network that connects sensors, actuators, drives, controllers and other IACS devices that need to communicate in real-time.





Upgrades - Versa Tech provides migration from legacy systems which were not originally designed for the current or planned communication requirements.

Enterprise IOT System Physical Infrastructure is based on the ISA-95 model of information and communication levels that include the following levels:

  • Level 4 Business Planning and Logistics

  • Level 3 Manufacturing Operations Management

  • Level 2 Manufacturing Control

  • Level 1 Sense and Manipulate

  • Level 0 Production Process

Cisco, Rockwell Automation and Panduit have developed design guides for implementing the Physical Infrastructure based on the ISA-95 standards. Cisco and Rockwell have developed the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) Design and Implementation Guide.

The CPwE architecture is a set of manufacturing focused reference architectures to:

  • Accelerate the successful deployment of standard networking technologies

  • Convergence of manufacturing and enterprise/business networks

  • Deploy standard networking technologies

  • Integrate Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) and business networks.

Panduit Industrial Ethernet Physical Infrastructure Architecture Design Guide is for designing, deploying and managing the physical infrastructure for an Industrial Ethernet network.


The Guide focuses on identifying

  • Physical layer reference solutions that reflect the realities in the industrial space

  • Hardened switches outside of a static control room environment and onto the factory floor

  • Cabling techniques to mitigate the effects of heat, humidity, and noise over a multi- connector cabling channel.

  • Use of distributed cabling topologies and patching technologies, which enhances the flexibility and scalability of Industrial Ethernet networks to achieve greater operational efficiency

  • Robust, testable grounding and bonding systems to ensure system uptime and availability by mitigating noise issues that can disrupt communications and control

  • Automation systems dependent on industrial Ethernet for real-time control, device configuration, data collection, and safety sub-systems

  • The physical layer, comprised of the network media, connectivity, enclosures, pathways, grounding/bonding, identification, and port locking devices.

The Panduit Design Guide provides guidance on selecting, planning, installing and testing a physical layer that ensures performance.

The Panduit Design Guide describes the physical infrastructure architectures recommended for each of the following areas

  • Industrial Data Center / Control Room

  • Network Distribution

  • Zone Cabling

  • Control Panel

  • On Machine.


Versa Tech provides the design, installation and deployment of standard networking technologies and convergence of manufacturing and enterprise/business networks.



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