Engineering - Design - System Integration


Versa Tech provides Robot Work Cell design manufacturing, installation and training


DELTA ROBOT and the equipment to de-stack empty plastic trays, place glass reflectors onto the trays at a rate of 1.0 per second and then re-stack the full trays.


Vision System monitors the position of each reflector on the incoming conveyor so the robot can synchronize with the position of each reflector and allow the robot to pick up the reflector off the moving conveyor.




Vehicle Battery Loader

The cell, integrated into an automotive final assembly line, selects and places a battery in a car each minute. One robot de-palletizes different battery sizes and places them on an accumulating conveyor system. A second robot selects the battery to match the vehicle and installs the battery.  Design included end-of-arm tooling, guarding, conveyance and control systems, both PLC and robot programming.



High speed assembly of automotive AC control unit. Robot station on a power & free conveyor line. Pick-and-place gears from feeder system to module on conveyor pallet.

Robot Machine Tending


Six Axis Robot loading, unloading and transferring components from incoming components stacked on carts; between four CNC Machining Centers for complete automated machining processing; and inspection stations and to completed component carts.

Two Individual End-of-Arm-Tooling units that will be changed automatically during the processing.

Transfer of Brake Assemblies

Steel Brush Buffing

Vehicle Seat Assembly Transfer

Robot End-of-Arm Tooling

VTA designs & builds unique Robot Tooling

Vertical Injection Mold Machine

Six Axis Robot equipped with tooling capable of handling the molded parts for unloading the press and processing post-mold operations.

Robot Barrel Palletizer – Depalletizer


System provides the ability to both automatically load barrels into a truck from a warehouse pallet or conversely load barrels from a truck onto pallets to be stored in a warehouse.

The Robot automatically changes tooling to handle either the pallet or the barrels.

Load & Unloads Barrels. Stacks or de-stacks pallets

Dial Indexer Assembly Machine with (6) Robots

The equipment is an (8) station dial indexer. Commercial product consist of (9) components parts. Each station has automation to perform the assembly operations.  The functions include automatically:

  • Four Axis SCARA Robot loading components into the index dial fixtures

  • Three Axis Cartesian Robot applying glue to the components

  • Four Axis SCARA Robot loading a housing onto the components in the dial fixture

  • Ultra violet light cure of the glue

  • Two Axis Cartesian Robot applying glue to the components

  • Four Axis SCARA Robot inserting a circuit component into the housing

  • Four Axis SCARA Robot Load an assembly into the housing and drive three screws to hold to housing

  • Unloading a complete housing assembly

Dual (800 kg) Four Axis Cartesian Robots

Synchronized Loading & Unloading of paint line, continuous motion overhead chain conveyor. Product widths vary from 4ft to 20 ft wide with a maximum weight of 1200 lbs.


Robots integrated with a drag chain, buffer storage system, Unloading & Loading transfer pallets.

Three (3) Robot Work Cell

Machine Tending & Buffing


Six Axis Robot transferring components from an Oven, indexing chain conveyor belt to a Mold Press.


Six Axis Robot transferring components from the Mold Press to a Punch Press. And transfer from the Punch Press to a conveyor.

Six Axis Robot to pick from the Incoming Conveyor, and present the components to a deburr wheel and move the part in a profile move to deburr the components; and to place the components on Outgoing Conveyor.

Three (3) Robot  Assembly Line

Six Axis Robot transfers 250 lbs. shaft from Incoming steel slat conveyor to Assembly Machine and transfers completed assembly to Outgoing conveyor.

Six Axis Robot transfers bolts and nuts from feeder systems to automatic nut drivers.

Six Axis Robot transfers components from staging conveyor to assembly location and holds components in-place while nuts and bolts are installed.