Engineering - Design - System Integration

Versa Tech provides Industrial, Mechanical, Controls, Electrical, Simulation and Time & Motion engineering services. Designs-Builds Assembly Lines, Test Equipment, PLC, HMI, Panel Building, Robot Cells, Conveyors, Ethernet Networks for IOT, Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian, Metrics OEE, Thin Manager, Transaction Manager, Asset Centre, and MES.

Semi-Automatic Final Line Assembly for Automotive Suspension System

Robot Cell

Vehicle Battery Loader

Powertrain Flexible Maintenance Facility, Anniston Army Depot, AL

LEAN process and equipment design and specification for a construction solicitation for a 142,000 square foot, $66MM integrated facility for the re-manufacture of reciprocating diesel engines.

Processes include over 22,000 SKUs; engine receiving, disassembly, cleaning, painting, machine shop/welding, test/measurement, parts storage, engine assembly, dynamometer testing, containerization, shipping and an IT inventory control system. Versa Tech received the Anniston Army Depot Certificate of Appreciation Commander Award.

Visualization & Control

Plant, Processes & Equipment

Controls Engineering & Design

Software for Real-time & Historical Data for process & production

FactoryTalk Historian SE solution provides a complete system to collect and archive time series data, track event-based data, and apply analytical calculations to improve decision-making ability.

FactoryTalk Metrics provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for the plant, production line and individual machines.

ThinManager is a centralized device management and content delivery platform. Centrally manage thin clients, mobile devices and PCs and deliver flexible content sources to those managed devices.

Control Panels

Design & Assembly

Versa Tech provides networking technologies